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A Potential Future Cyber Attack

Copyright August 1, 2017 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.
All Rights Reserved.

One person in one room with one computer that is connected to the internet could conceivably shut down one or more computer systems anywhere in the world. This includes banks, electrical utilities, water treatment systems, transportation networks, nuclear power plants, and the internet. It could take days or weeks to fix the problems that one person could cause to these "computer systems." During this time our society could quickly degenerate into a Hollywood movie survival scenario.

Most people don't like to think about this possibility because it would require them to make realistic contingency plans and most people today do not want to invest their time making contingency plans for their personal lives.

However, if you are one of those people who does want to have a realistic contingency plan for the survival of your family then are you able to answer the following questions to your own satisfaction?
  1. Do you have a good quality portable water filter that can remove harmful pathogens and radioactive particles from your source of water? Do you have at least one plastic sheet or tarp for channeling and collecting rainwater?
  2. Do you have at least 30 days of food to eat in an emergency situation?
  3. Do you have a few heirloom vegetable seeds such as corn, dry navy beans or pinto beans, radishes, okra, and turnips? Are the seeds stored in freezer bags in your refrigerator? Did you write the date you purchased the seeds on the freezer bags? Do you know how to plant seeds and grow vegetables?
  4. Do you know which wild plants are safe to eat in your area, such as acorns, poke sallet, and kudzu? Do you know how to prepare those plants so they can be safely eaten by people?
  5. Do you know how to catch fish without a fishing pole? Do you have at least one gill net?
  6. Do you know how to use animal traps and snares? Do you know how to skin, butcher, and properly cook wild game animals?
  7. Do you know how to extend the shelf life of fresh meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables without the use of canning jars or a food freezer? Do you know how to smoke meat?
  8. Do you have at least one good hunting knife, either a fixed blade knife in a belt sheath or a folding blade knife in a belt sheath? Do you have a sharpening stone?
  9. Do you have a good stainless steel hatchet in a belt sheath?
  10. Do you have at least one handgun and at least one rifle? How much ammunition do you have for your firearms? When was the last time you fired your weapons?
  11. Do you have some paper matches in a vacuum sealed bag? Do you have at least two relatively new unused butane lighters made by different companies? Did you write the date on the lighters when you purchased them? Do you know how to start a fire without matches or a butane lighter?
  12. Do you have a reasonable first aid kit and some extra bandages and some medicines?
  13. Do you have an energy efficient flashlight that uses either AA or AAA batteries, some rechargeable batteries, and a small inexpensive portable solar battery charger?
  14. Do you have a good tarp and some good strong waterproof twine so you could quickly build a waterproof temporary shelter?
  15. Do you have a reasonable plan for evacuating your current location if it should become absolutely necessary and do you have a minimum of two alternate destinations?

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