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Product Links

Copyright 2016 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.
All Rights Reserved.


My website contains over one-hundred articles and over one-thousand pages of information. When a person first finds my website it is not uncommon for that person to read many of the articles on my website over a period of several days whenever they have some free time. Later, when that person decides to do some comparison shopping on some of the things I mention on my website, then the person frequently does not remember exactly where they saw the information on my website. Sometimes the person will send me an email and ask me to direct him or her to the web page he or she is looking for that mentions the article he or she is interested in knowing more about. I realize my website contains a lot of information and I do not mind helping people find what they are looking for on my website. That is why I inserted a "Search My Website" button at the top of all my web pages.

It recently occured to me that it might be beneficial if I summarized all my product links onto one page so a person could easily find those links when that person was ready to do some comparison shopping. That is the purpose of this page.

Links to Specific Products

I do not receive a commission or any other form of compensation if you click on any of the links below, or if you buy something from one of the following companies.

The following links are being provided solely for your convenience.

Name of Article: Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Foods
Product Links:
Freeze dried and dehydrated foods may be purchased online from the following companies. I strongly recommend that you do some comparison shopping at each of the following sites before you make a decision to purchase anything because each of the following companies sometimes have special sales on specific products.
Also please remember to add the shipping cost to the total cost when you compare prices.

Name of Article: How to Build a Reflector Oven and How to Use a Reflector Oven
Product Link:
Old Scout Reflector Ovens are available at:

Name of Article: Firewood, Fireplaces, and Cast Iron Stoves
Product Link:
A Texas Fireframe may be purchased at:

Name of Article: Clothing for Hard Times
Product Link:
Light-weight, cool, mesh shirt and pants for hunting during hot weather.

Name of Article: How to Start Preparing for Hard Times on a Very Modest Budget
Product Link:
PRI-G gasoline treatment may be purchased at:

Name of Article: Emergency First Aid Books and Supplies
Product Link:
Pet antibiotics can be purchased on Amazon or at the following internet store:

Name of Article: Gill Nets
Product Link:
Gill Nets may be purchased on ebay or at the following internet store:

Name of Article: How to Catch Wild Game Using Professional Quality Snares and Steel Traps
Product Links:
Professional quality snares may be purchased online from:

Conibear traps (Size 110, 220, and 330) may be purchased online from:

Pan traps (size #1.5 and size #2) may be purchased online from:

Please let me remind you that if you click on any of the above links, or buy something from any of the above companies, then I do not receive any type of compensation or fee.
The above links are provided solely for your convenience if you should decide you want to know more about any of the above products.

Code of Ethics

As a Professional Engineer (P.E.) it is my duty to abide by the code of ethics that has been established for all engineers.

That code does not approve of an engineer receiving any type of gift or compensation for recommending a product or service, unless the engineer makes it very clear that he or she is receiving some type of fee for making the recommendation.

For example, an engineer who works in sales for a company will consistently recommend that company's products or services and everyone should know that he or she receives a salary or a commission from that company. This is okay and it is not a violation of the engineer's code of ethics.

However, if an engineer does not work for a comapny and he or she makes a recommendation for a product or service and he or she will receive some type of fee or compensation for his or her recommendation, then the engineer must make it very clear that he or she is receiving a fee or a commission from that company whenever his or her recommenation leads to a purchase of that company's product or service.

In the past I have frequently been contacted by companies who wished to place an advertisement on my website. In the past I have always politely said no and I explained why.

At this time I am getting reasonably old and it may not be much longer before I voluntarily retire, or I may retire due to a health issue that develops as I get older.

Therefore I have decided to seriously consider accepting advertisements and putting them on the bottom of this page. If I decide to do this then all the advertisements would be right here in one place and they would not "pop-up" all over my website when a person was trying to read the information on my website. If a person wanted to look at some paid advertisments then that person could come to the bottom of this page and find all the advertisements for which I would be earning a commission or fee. If a person clicked on one of the links on the bottom of this page then the person would know that I receive a small commission or fee and this would not be a violation of the engineering code of ethics.

Paid Advertisements

At this time there are no advertisements at the bottom of this page.

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