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Home Gardening Tips by
Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.

All of the articles on this page are included in my book: Grandpappy's Survival Manual for Hard Times, Second Edition.

The information on these pages could be useful to anyone interested in gardening. However, they were written with the average home gardener in mind. By home gardener I mean someone who plants and maintains a small garden each spring using a simple shovel, hoe, and rake. These are the basic hand tools I use each year and they have consistently served my needs in my small home garden quite well.

Home Garden
  1. During Hard Times Should You Know Some Basic Gardening Skills? - Added February 19, 2011.

  2. How to Maximize the Harvest From Your Vegetable Garden - Added March 4, 2014.

  3. How to Select Vegetable Seeds for a Hard Times Garden - Added February 2, 2015.

  4. Why Should You Buy a Few More Vegetable Seed Packages Each Spring? - Added February 2, 2015.

  5. Vegetable Recommendations for New Gardeners - Added January 14, 2011.

  6. Crop Rotation Strategies - Added September 1, 2014.

  7. How to Grow Your Own Vegetable Seeds - Added May 1, 2007.

  8. How to Harvest, Process, and Store Vegetable Seeds - Added May 1, 2007.

  9. How to Grow Fruits, Nuts, Grapes, and Berries - Added March 1, 2011.

  10. How to Grow Fruit Trees From Seed - Added March 1, 2011.

  11. Some Bad Gardening Advice and Some Good Gardening Advice - Added April 8, 2013.

  12. The Benefits of Mulch - Added May 17, 2008.

  13. How to Convert Human Waste into a Safe Garden Compost Fertilizer - Added December 31, 2008.

  14. Ant Hills: A Simple Solution - Added October 1, 2008.

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Grandpappy's e-mail address is: RobertWayneAtkins@hotmail.com