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The Saddest Story Every Told

Written By The Honorable Oliver Allstorm
The following is for fair use and educational purposes only.

The Honorable Oliver Allstorm was born as Oliver Allstrom in Chicago on August 7, 1878 and he was of Swedish American descent. He changed his last name from Allstrom to Allstorm. During his early adult years he moved to Texas and made a living as a traveling salesman and as a poet. While living in Texas he became known as the Texas poet. Coco-Cola and other companies sponsored his poetry. He wrote poems about a variety of sensitive topics, including World War II and race relations. His most well known racial poem was "The Saddest Story Ever Told". While he lived in Texas he was also a co-author of "Houston Municipal Song", the official song of the city of Houston, Texas. In his later years he moved back to Chicago. He died in March 1963.

The Saddest Story Ever Told


The Law and Some Statistics

Interracial Marriage Law:
Married Couples:
The above statistics are for individuals who actually marry. However, some couples of different races do not marry, as shown by the following statistics:

Unmarried Couples:


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