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A High Altitude Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP)

Copyright November 1, 2017 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.
All Rights Reserved.

In 1962 a high altitude Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP) test over the Pacific Ocean had an effective impact radius of approximately 900 miles. Since then it has been estimated that a NEMP about 250 miles above Kansas would impact the entire continental United States. If the blast is closer to the earth then it would have a smaller impact radius.

At the current time it is very difficult to estimate what the true impact of an NEMP would be. Some very knowledgeable people believe it would have very little impact whereas other very knowledgeable people believe that it would eventually lead to the death of 99% of the people in the USA due to the damage caused to the electrical systems nationwide and the dependence of almost everyone in the USA on those systems. The NEMP would not kill them. The collapse of the infrastructure, trying to live in very primitive conditions, and the lack of medicine, food, and clean drinking water would kill them.

I personally do not know what the true impact of a NEMP would be. However, I suspect that a NEMP will cause some extremely serious disruptions in the area impacted by its blast.

A family that had some basic first aid knowledge would have a much better chance of surviving when compared to a family that had very little first aid knowledge. (Note: Almost all medical facilities will probably be closed after an NEMP because all their electronic equipment will be useless, including their elevators. Medical facilities will also become one of the primary targets of roving gangs of looters and drug addicts because they will want to steal all the drugs that are in the hospital pharmacies.)

It is unfortunate but most families today have all their critical survival information stored on digital devices. In some cases they have this knowledge backed up on several different digital devices. But if those digital devices are not working, then all their digital medical knowledge will be as far away from them as the moon is from the earth, even though they may have 50 backup digital copies of the best medical books in the world.

Therefore I strongly encourage you to purchase a least one good first aid book and one good medical reference book that are real books that you can hold in your hands and that you can read without the need for electricity. This is the type of investment that you could pass on to your children and your grandchildren some day because this type of knowledge does not change with each new invention that is discovered by mankind. If someone in your family should need some type of emergency first aid medical care during an unexpected disaster then you may be able to save their life if you had access to a first aid book that you could quickly consult and then follow the instructions in the book. A good first aid book could help you from doing the wrong thing and perhaps permanently maiming or killing someone you love.


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