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Discrimination: Past, Present, and Future

Copyright November 1, 2017 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.
All Rights Reserved.


Unfortunately in the year 2017 it appears that the discrimination laws in the United States of America are not being equally applied to all racial groups. Instead it appears that a few racial groups now have the right to discriminate against anyone for any reason.

This article will discuss how discrimination has changed with the passage of time in the United States, and how it has impacted a variety of racial groups, beginning with the American Indians, and how discrimination may evolve in the future.

Condensed History of Central America and North America

Indian Tepee American Indian Tribes: Prior to the 1500s the inhabitants of North America, Central America, and South America were a variety of local Indian tribes, each with its own language and customs. When compared to one another, some tribes were relatively small and they controlled a small area of land. Other tribes were relatively numerous and they controlled a proportionately larger area of land.

Early Spanish Immigrants to Mexico and California: In 1519 Spain established a colony in Mexico and in 1521 Cortez conquered the Aztec Indians and claimed the land for Spain. During the 1500s and 1600s about 800,000 Spaniards migrated to Mexico and gradually into California. The Spanish immigrants included aristocrats, soldiers, craftsmen, and unskilled workers. Except for the aristocrats, many of them gradually intermarried with the local Indian tribes and their descendants began communicating with one another using the Spanish language instead of the original native languages of Central America.

Early European Immigrants to North America: In the 1600s the first European immigrants who migrated to the "new world" (the Americas) were not the wealthy, privileged, successful upper class, or even the middle class. Instead many of the early European settlers consisted of the following groups of people:
  1. Religious People: These individuals disagreed with the religion forced on them by their government and they migrated to the "new world" in the hope that if their religious beliefs were valid then their God would help them build a new and better life for their families in their new environment. These individuals had successes and failures but many of them survived.
  2. Poor People: These were generally hard working individuals who had little or no hope for a better life in the country in which they were born and they willingly volunteered to migrate to the "new world" in order to establish a "settlement" and to stake a claim to some of the land for themselves, and for their native country and their government. These individuals had successes and failures and many of them survived.
  3. Outcasts: These were the convicted criminals and outcasts of their society and they were kicked out of their own countries and sentenced to live the rest of their lives in the "new world." If they did not live very long in the "new world" then nobody would miss them. In other words, they had to learn how to work together in order to establish a self-sustaining settlement or they would perish. Very few of these people survived because they would not change their behavior and become a productive member of a small community where each member of that community produced at least enough food to sustain themselves.
Most of the early immigrants to North America in the 1600s tried to live in peace with the local native American Indian tribes because the new immigrants did not have the manpower or the resources to: (a) build a small settlement, and (b) provide food for their survival, and (c) fight a war with the Indians at the same time.

Later Immigrants to North America: In the 1700s and 1800s other groups of people continued to expand the population of North America:
  1. Military: The information about the "new world" that gradually flowed back to Europe consisted of some facts, some exaggerations, and some outright lies. As a result the governments of several different European countries (England, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Scotland, Spain, and Sweden) decided to lay a claim to a portion of the "new world" because they believed that the cost of laying a claim would be trivial in comparison to the true value of those lands as those lands continued to be explored and exploited. Therefore military outposts and garrisons were established in a variety of different strategic areas. These military outposts helped to protect small settlements near the outposts, and they provided a safe place for the residents of those settlements to retreat to if they were attacked, and they provided a "trading post" where the nearby Indian tribes could trade animal hides and other items for a variety of imported items the Indians could not make themselves.
    Military Training
  2. Spaniards: In Mexico in the 1700s and 1800s there were still many pure blood Spaniards, and some pure blood Indians, but there was also a growing population of mixed-blood people. In the early 1800s most "Mexicans" were more loyal to their local province than they were to Mexico because Mexico was a colony of Spain and it was ruled by Spaniards. In the early 1800s the Mexicans living in Texas who were of partial Spanish descent were referred to as "Tejanos." By 1813 many of the Tejanos desired to be independent of Spanish-ruled Mexico. English immigrants continued to pour into Texas and by 1831 the English immigrants outnumbered the Tejanos by approximately 10 to 1. In 1835 and 1836 the Tejanos joined forces with the English immigrants and together they fought a war against Mexico and in 1836 Texas won its independence. However, the number of English immigrants to Texas rapidly increased and the Tejanos were severely discriminated against. Another war was fought with Mexico from 1846 to 1848 and Mexico was once again defeated.

  3. Africans: Africans did not build their own ships and they did not sail to the "new world" in order to claim some of the territory for Africa.
    Instead Africans were first brought to the "new world" as slaves. In the 1700s and 1800s slavery was common in many parts of the world and black slaves were preferred by slave owners all over the world because slavery was widely practiced by blacks throughout Africa and slavery was part of their national heritage. For hundreds of years black slaves in Africa had been taught to simply obey the orders of their black owners. For example, in Africa the chiefs of some African tribes "owned" everyone in his tribe and he did whatever he pleased to his people (his slaves). African Tribe In addition, when two African tribes went to war with one another, the winning tribe would make slaves of the survivors of the losing tribe, or they would sacrifice them to their gods, or they would eat them. (Note: Cannibalism was accepted as a normal way of life throughout most of Africa until the middle 1900s, and it was common to eat members of other tribes, and members of their own tribe, and even members of their own family because they believed that would allow some part of the person to continue to exist inside the people who ate them.)
    In the 1700s and 1800s when the European slave trading ships would land at one of the ports in Africa they could visit a slave market that was near the dock, and the slave market was owned and operated by a black African tribe, and they could buy as many slaves as they could afford. The majority of the slaves at those slave markets were the survivors of a tribal war, or they had been kidnapped from a neighboring tribe, or they were the social outcasts from their own tribe and their own tribe wanted to get rid of them. The slave traders made a significant financial investment in the slaves they purchased and they could not afford for too many of their slaves to die or become seriously ill during the sea voyage for two simple reasons: (1) a dead slave was worth nothing, and (2) the health and appearance of the slaves would determine their value when they were resold. The slaves were normally kept confined on the deck of the ship, or inside the ship in secure areas, in order to prevent hostilities among the slaves (warring tribes), and to minimize serious problems due to hysteria and panic during bad weather because the slaves had not been at sea before. Approximately 6% of the African slaves were transported to North America, and the other 94% were sold in Central America and South America where they were forced to work in the fields or in the mines.
    In North America the slaves were generally purchased as an investment and they became part of a small farming operation that had three or fewer other slaves. Or they became part of a larger farming operation with many other slaves. Prior to the year 1863 in the United States some African slaves were allowed to work for their freedom, and some slaves were simply granted their freedom by their owners. On January 1, 1863 President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation and President Lincoln freed all the slaves in the United States. Since 1863 slavery has been illegal in the United States. However, in Africa slavery continued to exist with blacks buying and selling one another until the years between 1932 to 1942 when many of the different African nations gradually came under the influence of a variety of white European nations who insisted that slavery be abolished. Unfortunately slavery has never been completely eradicated in Africa and in Niger in the year 2003 approximately 8% of the blacks were slaves to other blacks.
    (Note: In the USA in the 1800s a few black slaves were horribly mistreated but most black slaves were not brutalized. Unfortunately most fictional books about slavery were written to maximize the sales of that book, and most fictional movies about slavery were created in order to attract large audiences. These fictional books and fictional movies do not present a balanced perspective about slavery in the USA in the 1800s. Instead they create fictional characters and fictional situations where a kind gentle humble black slave is repeatedly brutalized by a wicked evil obnoxious white slave master. The truth is that black slaves were originally sold to the white slave traders by their black brothers in Africa, and most of the black slaves in the USA in the 1800s had better living conditions, better food, better health care (a dead slave was worth nothing), and longer life expectancies than most black slaves in Africa. In addition, the black slaves in the USA were never eaten by their white owners and they were never offered as human sacrifices to the "gods." It should also be noted that worldwide whites have been the primary force behind the elimination of slavery, and that blacks have been the primary opponents to the abolition of slavery in the nations that they controlled. Finally, it should also be mentioned that in the year 2013 the blacks in the USA had a significantly higher average standard of living than the blacks in Africa because in 2013 Africa was at the bottom of the list as the world's poorest inhabited continent.)
    Railroad Workers
  4. Chinese: The first wave of Chinese immigrants to the United States began in the 1850s and 1860s. Some came to seek their fortune due to the lure of the California 1849 Gold Rush. Some came to work on the Transcontinental Railroad in the 1860s. The Chinese were viewed as cheap labor and they were severely discriminated against, and they had to work in harsh, brutal conditions in the silver mines, and in the gold mines, and on the railroad. By 1880 there were over 300,000 Chinese people living in California and they represented one-tenth of the population of that state. (Note: The second wave of Chinese immigrants occurred during World War II when China became an ally of the United States against Japan. The last wave began in 1965.)
American Indian Tribes in the 1700s and 1800s: In the early 1600s, prior to the arrival of European settlers and the Spaniards, there were at least 2,000,000 American Indians living in North America and they belonged to more than 560 different Indian tribes. From the 1600s to the 1800s the Mexican government, the Canadian government, and the U.S. government gradually exterminated the majority of the native American Indians that were living in North America. Many Indians also died of European diseases, such as smallpox. By the early 1800s their numbers had dropped to about 600,000. During the 1800s the U.S. government consistently violated every treaty they made with the various Indian tribes. In 1830 the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Removal Act. During the next few years they rounded up and forced the surviving Indians to relocate to special reservations that were in areas west of the Mississippi River that the U.S. government originally did not consider to be of much value. In the summer of 1838 the Cherokee Indians were driven into stockades in the Smoky Mountains and they were kept there for several months until they were weak and frail. Their forced march to Oklahoma was intentionally delayed until the winter months and it was not a straight route from North Carolina to Oklahoma. Instead it went north through Illinois and then south to Oklahoma. The freezing winter weather resulted in the death of a large number of the poorly clothed Indians because they were not permitted to bring their winter robes with them. This forced exodus became known among the Indians as the "Trail of Tears." By the end of the 1800s the total number of Indians throughout the USA had been reduced to approximately 250,000 as a result of the harsh and brutal living conditions that they were forced to endure.

Common Characteristics Shared by All Races in the United States in the 2000s

Before each racial group is discussed, a few general comments are appropriate because they apply to all racial groups.

Every racial group in the USA includes some people who have the following characteristics:
  1. Some individuals who are remarkably intelligent, and some individuals whose intelligence is way below average.
  2. Some individuals with extremely high ethical standards, and some individuals with no morals who commit horrible crimes against people of all races including their own.
  3. Some individuals who are faithful to their marital vows, and some individuals who laugh at their marital vows and who will have sex with anyone at any time.
  4. Some individuals who do not have any type of addiction problem, and some individuals who are out-of-control alcoholics and/or drug addicts.
  5. Some individuals who respect the law, and some individuals who have no respect for the law or for the legal system within the USA.
  6. Some individuals in positions of authority who refuse to discriminate against the people under their authority regardless of their race, and some individuals in positions of authority who intentionally and joyfully discriminate against people of other races under their authority.
  7. Some individuals who refuse to discriminate against other people for any reason, and some individuals who will publicly discriminate against other races for the rest of their lives.
  8. Some individuals who will do any honest job in order to earn a living and who will avoid any type of welfare benefit because they would be ashamed to accept it, and some individuals who will not do any type of work (except for illegal or dishonest work such as selling drugs) and who will aggressively seek out and accept every possible welfare benefit that can qualify for even if it means lying to qualify for the benefit.
  9. Some individuals who have a roof over their head, and some people who are homeless.
  10. Some individuals who live in safe neighborhoods, and some people who live in crime infested neighborhoods that are controlled by local neighborhood gangs who murder people in their neighborhood every day.
  11. Some people who have never been arrested and who have no previous criminal record, and some people who are habitual repeat crime offenders and who have a long criminal record that began when they were teenagers.
  12. Some people who have college degrees (doctors, dentists, nurses, engineers, lawyers, business executives, politicians), and some people who are elementary school dropouts and who are functionally illiterate.
All races include some people with the above characteristics and no race is all good or all bad.

People in the United States in the year 2010

At the current time many European Americans, African Americans, and Asian Americans are not familiar with the cultures of their ancestors prior to their migrating to the United States, except for the limited amount of information they read in school history books. Unfortunately some of the information in school history books is more consistent with current "political correctness" instead of what actually happened.

Fortunately there is a tremendous amount of information available on the internet. Almost anyone can access that information and download some basic statistics on the major ethnic groups that now occupy the United States of America. The following table summarizes a very, very small amount of the information that is currently available:

Year 2010 United States Population Census - Number of People by Race or Ethnic Group
Estimated Average Median Household Income by Race
Estimated Percent of Single-Parent Households by Race
Estimated Average Median Income per Adult in Household by Race
Estimated Percent of People Receiving Some Type of Welfare Benefit as a Percent of the Number of People in their Race
Estimated Percent of People in Jail (local, state, and federal) as a Percent of the Number of People in their Race

Race PopulationHousehold IncomeSingle-Parent HomeIncome per Adult % on Welfare % in Jail
White 223,553,265$58,500 25% $33,400 5.1% 0.45%
Hispanic 50,477,594$40,000 42% $25,300 28.5% 0.83%
Black 38,929,139$34,500 67% $25,950 69.1% 2.31%
Asian 14,674,252$68,000 17% $37,150 83.3% 0.21%
American Indian 2,932,248Not Available 53% Not Available Not Available 1.61%

Explanation of the information in the above table:
  1. The Household Income data is based on the average median income of a household of people who live together as one family unit. It may include the income of one person, or two people, if they live together and contribute to paying the expenses of the household.
  2. The Single-Parent Home data is where the household has only one adult of that race and that one person could be a father, or a mother, or someone else.
  3. The Income per Adult data is the average median income of one person of that race and that one person could be either a male or a female.
  4. The Percent on Welfare is the number of people of that race that receive some type of welfare benefit, divided by the population of that race, and multiplied by 100 to show the answer as a percent instead of a decimal value. In other words, 10.3 percent would be the same as 0.103 as a decimal value. The total dollar value of the amount of welfare received is not shown in this percentage. The percent only shows the percent of the people of a specific race who received some type of welfare benefit regardless of the dollar value of that benefit.
  5. The Percent in Jail is the number of people of that race who were incarcerated in any type of facility at the time the data was collected, divided by the population of that race, and multiplied by 100 to show the answer as a percent instead of a decimal. It does not show the total percent of people in a racial group that have a criminal record, or the percent of people in a racial group that are on parole.
  6. Hispanics are not a racial group. Hispanics include a broad group of Spanish speaking people with American Indian, Spanish, European, and other ancestors. In the 2010 census these individuals identified themselves as Hispanics and they also identified themselves as white, or Indian, or black, or some other racial group. Therefore the Hispanic population in the above summary table cannot simply be added to the other races to obtain the total population of the USA in the year 2010 because that is not the way they were statistically analyzed in the 2010 census.
American Indians The information in the above table, plus a few other pieces of information, may provide some clues about the current status of the above ethnic groups in the USA.

American Indians: In 1924 the Indian Citizenship Act finally granted U.S. citizenship to all native born American Indians. In the 1930s there were approximately 330,000 American Indians living in the USA. Over the next eighty years their numbers gradually increased and by the year 2010 there were about 3 million American Indians living in the USA and approximately one-third of them still lived on the reservations assigned to them by the U.S. government. The other two-thirds had voluntarily left their reservation and they are now trying to live among the other people groups who now live in the USA. However, because they are in a very small minority group, and their racial heritage is usually immediately obvious to the other racial groups in the USA, many American Indians frequently discover that life away from the reservation is only marginally better than life on the reservation because they are still discriminated against by the other racial groups in the USA. The American Indian tribes who live on the reservations assigned to them by the U.S. government are attempting to maintain accurate historical records about their culture and about their traditions. However, most American Indians currently speak good "American" English without using a lot of slang words that would identify them as part of a minority racial group.

Classroom African Americans: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made it illegal to discriminate against anyone based on color, race, gender, religion, or national origin. It paved the way for equal "opportunities" in employment, schooling, and housing. In 1971 students in the public school systems in the USA were forced to take long bus rides to attend schools in districts that were far away from their neighborhoods in order to force the mixture of students of every race in all public schools. The curriculums in the public school systems were then systematically changed in order to accommodate this mixture of students with different academic skills in order to level out the academic performance of all students of all races. Mandatory hiring guidelines were established for all employers in order to force them to hire new employees of specific races until their employee demographics approximately matched the race demographics in their geographical area.
In the year 2017, after more than 50 years (or at least two generations), the government of the USA should be able to properly assess the results of this social engineering experiment. If this assessment has been conducted, then the results have not been publicly released to the citizens of the USA. However, most of the citizens of the USA are reasonably intelligent and they should be able to form some tentative observations about how successful these laws have been. Most of the schools throughout the USA are now racially mixed. People of all races are now working in all jobs and professions, including business executives, doctors, lawyers, and politicians. Anyone who discriminates against a black person will be prosecuted in a court of law. On the other hand, black people, including some highly respected black leaders, can make extremely derogatory comments about white people without any fear of being called a racist.
After more than 50 years of social engineering, some black people refuse to obey the laws of the USA or to show any respect for the government, its police officers, or ordinary white citizens. If some black people do not agree with the verdict arrived at in a court of law about a white person, then the black people in a variety of different communities will violently riot and they will steal, burn down buildings, and kill innocent white people at random. Some black people speak fluent "American" English and it would be impossible for almost anyone to identify them as being black by their speech. On the other hand, after more than 50 years in the same schools with all other races, and after more than 50 years of being exposed to television shows where the actors usually speak good "American" English, some black people intentionally speak "American" English with a unique accent and they use words and phrases in a way that is not common among other people groups in the USA. These black people intentionally wish to remain separate and apart from the rest of the people in the USA because they violently hate everyone who is not of their own race.
Some black people, including some black college students, also hate people of their own race. These African American blacks publicly display their feelings of hostility when they hatefully discriminate and publicly humiliate blacks who have recently legally migrated to the USA from Africa. African American blacks loudly proclaim that blacks from Africa are genetically inferior to blacks in America. If you do not believe this then talk privately with any black who has recently migrated to the USA from Africa and inquire about how they have been treated by blacks here in the USA. (Note: Have you ever wondered what made African American blacks "genetically" superior to blacks in other parts of the world?)

Asian Students Asian Americans: This group includes individuals with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indian, Filipino, Vietnamese, and other Asian ancestors. They currently have the highest academic achievement scores of any racial group in the USA and 61% of Asian American adult immigrants have a bachelors or higher level college degree. They also have the highest average median income of any racial group in the USA. However, Asians also have the highest percentage of households by race in the USA that live in poverty. As a group, Asian Americans have the lowest crime rate of any racial group in the USA. In the privacy of their own homes many Asians continue to speak the native language of the country they migrated from. However, they encourage their children to learn how to articulate using good "American" English at the schools their children attend. Asian Americans are approximately 42% Christian, 4% Muslim, 28% other religions, and 26% non-religious. The high percentage of Asian Christians is somewhat remarkable because the Christian religion is outlawed in many of their home countries.
Many Asian Americans are certified physicians, dentists, and nurses. Many Asian Americans have started their own very successful businesses. It is estimated that they own about 1.5 million businesses, and they average about 2 employees per business (or about 3 million people), and those businesses earn a total of about $80 billion per year. Asian Americans hold prestigious jobs at major corporations and they have been voted into political offices in the local, state, and national governments. Asian American are frequently described as the "model minority group" in the U.S.A because of the following: a strong work ethnic, a respect for the law, a respect for other races, a respect for the elderly, a high emphasis on traditional family values, the lowest percentage of single-parent homes, extremely low crime rates, high academic scores, a high degree of professionalism, high household incomes, and very low rates of disease including low rates of sexually transmitted diseases.
Unfortunately, Asian Americans, including poor people and very successful professionals, are currently the fastest growing targets of hate crimes and racial violence by other racial groups in the USA. (Note: In my opinion this is an example of "jealousy discrimination" and this topic will be discussed later in this article.) However, Asian Americans do not murder police officers, or burn down buildings, or kill innocent people in order to object to the current poverty conditions of the majority of their own people, or to protest against the increasing number of hate crimes, racial violence, and discrimination they are being routinely subjected to in the USA.
(Note: The first Asian Americans in the USA were treated as cheap labor and they had to do extremely difficult work in the mines and on the railroad and they were treated brutally. Ever since the 1850s they have been severely discriminated against and they are currently the worst treated minority group in the USA and they are the most likely targets of hate crimes and racial violence, even though they are the most peaceful, law-abiding race in the USA. Although they have the highest percentage of families living in poverty, they still respect the laws of the USA and they do not riot, burn down buildings, and kill innocent people in protest. Instead they maintain their integrity and their respect for others and they take care of their families the best they can without complaining. In my opinion, other races do not hate them because they study hard and they work hard and this results in some Asian Americans having the highest average income of all people in the USA. Instead other races hate them because Asian Americans have a high degree of self-control and they will not allow their emotions to control them and they will not follow the bad examples being set by some members of some other races.)

Construction Hispanic Americans (from Central America and South America): In the early 1900s there were about 500,000 Mexican Americans of Spanish descent living in the United States, primarily in California, Texas, and the states in between. In the year 2010 there were about 50 million Hispanics in the USA. Since the early 1900s Hispanics have migrated throughout the USA to areas where they could find honest work in construction, agriculture, and the meat processing industry. Some companies prefer to hire Hispanics instead of anyone else because the Hispanics they hire do the work better with fewer complaints than other racial groups. In some geographical areas Hispanics will voluntarily do work that the people of other races do not want to do (this means Hispanics are an asset to society in those areas).
Most Hispanics have absolutely no desire to return to the countries they migrated from because they know that their living conditions in the USA (even if they live in extreme poverty) is significantly better than the living conditions they endured when they lived in their native countries. Some Hispanics send all the money they can spare back to their family members who still live in the countries from which they came.
Many Hispanics speak "American" English very well but many of them still communicate with each other in Spanish. Some Hispanic families encourage their children to be bilingual and they want their children to learn how to speak Spanish and they encourage their children to learn how to speak good "American" English in school so their children will have the best opportunity to be successful in the USA when they become adults. (Note: The educated people in most racial groups, especially in Europe, attempt to learn at least one foreign language.)
On the other hand, there are many Hispanics who are illegally in the USA and some of them are criminals and they get a lot of publicity in the media. There are also some Hispanics in the USA who are part of organized drug smuggling syndicates and they contribute to some of the serious problems that the USA is currently experiencing.

European Americans (Whites): At the current time in the USA white people are legally discriminated against and they are called a variety of names that are intended to insult them, and they are told that they do not have a right to an opinion, nor do they have a right to criticize the behavior of any other racial group even if the other racial group riots and burns down buildings and violently kills innocent white people, including very young white children. Today if a white person were to discriminate in a similar manner against a member of a protected group, or call any member of a protected group a name that is intended to insult that group of people, then that white person would be arrested and severely prosecuted by the U.S. government.

Other Americans: There are a number of other people who are citizens of the USA and they were included in the 2010 census. Although they are individually very important people, they account for a small percent of the people in the USA and they are not included in this short article because this article is about the major racial groups in the USA.

A Practical Observation about Discrimination

The Jealousy Discrimination Cycle: If one group of people are very successful and they pay the majority of the taxes in a specific area, then they will usually be envied by the less productive members of their society. If those productive people are discriminated against by the government, or by the less productive members of their area, then many of those productive people will gradually move somewhere else where they will not be discriminated against.
  1. The first noticeable impact will be as follows:
    • A gradual but systematic reduction in the amount of money circulating inside the geographical area that the productive people vacated.
    • A reduction in the number of people that can be approached by beggars.
    • A reduction in the number of people that have valuable property that is worth stealing and this means that thieves will be forced to prey on the less productive people in that area.
  2. The second impact will be a reduction in tax revenue:
    • The tax revenue of the local government will be immediately reduced.
    • If the productive people relocate to a different state then the tax revenue of their former state government will also be reduced.
    • Finally, if the productive people leave the country then the tax revenue of the national government will also decline.
  3. The third impact will be in two areas:
    • A reduction in the amount of free government benefits that the government can afford to give to the people who remain in the area.
    • A reduction in the amount of money the government can afford to spend on the maintenance of the infrastructure within the area.
  4. The fourth impact will be as follows:
    • The living conditions, the sanitary conditions, and the health care in the area will deteriorate.
    • Crime and poverty will overtake the people remaining in the area.
    • Eventually the area will become a war zone where the people still living in the area will kill one another on a daily basis.
  5. Eventually the less productive people who jealously discriminated against the successful productive members of their area will demand that the government relocate them to the area where the more productive tax-paying people migrated to, and this process will repeat itself.
The above process can be completed in 20 years or less if it is aggressively encouraged by the government. However, if it is allowed to run its normal course then the above process can take two or more generations before it repeats and during that period of time the people who are living inside the cycle usually cannot see the cause and effect impact of the above events as they unfold.

An Example of Jealousy Discrimination:

Zimbadwe: The territory that Zimbadwe currently occupies was formed in the 1890s and it shares its southern border with South Africa. In 1923 the territory became the self-governing British colony of Southern Rhodesia. In 1965 the white minority government of Southern Rhodesia claimed independence as the state of Rhodesia.
In 1979 it became Zimbadwe Rhodesia and it was a republic with a presidential system of government. In 1979 Zimbadwe was extremely productive and the average living conditions in Zimbadwe were envied by the people who lived in other African states.
Ten Billion Z$ In 1980 Robert Mugabe became the Prime Minister of Zimbadwe and white minority rule came to an end. In 1980 the Rhodesian dollar (equal to one-half the British pound sterling) was replaced with the Zimbadwean dollar (Z$) and it had an exchange rate of one Zimbadwean dollar for one USA dollar. The annual inflation rate of the Zimbadwean dollar was 7% in 1980 and it continued to increase each year until it reached 598% annual inflation in 2003 and 66,212% in 2007 and 79,600,000,000% in 2008. Today the Zimbadwean dollar is not used as the official currency of Zimbadwe and it is only a collector's item of little value. Today Zimbadwe uses the USA dollar as its currency. (Note: In 1980 when the blacks took over the government of Zimbadwe, one Zimbadwean dollar could be exchanged for one USA dollar. If that exchange rate were still valid today in the year 2017, and if you owned the Zimbadwean paper money shown on the right, and if you could exchange it into an equal number of USA dollars, then what could you buy with $10,000,000,000 in USA currency?)
In the 1980s the 0.6% white minority owned about 70% of Zimbadwe's best farmland and that farmland was originally purchased from willing black sellers (it was not taken by legislative action or by force), and the white minority invested a significant amount of money to improve the land, and they invested a significant amount of money in modern farming equipment. The nation's majority black population owned the other 30% of the country's best farmland. In the 1980s and 1990s agricultural products were one of the country's major exports and they generated a lot of revenue back into Zimbadwe.
In 1997 land redistribution became a major political issue. In 2000 the government passed its "Fast Track Land Reform" legislation and that began the era of forced confiscation of the land from the white minority and the awarding of that land to the black majority. The minority white population was severely discriminated against, and their lives were threatened, and most of them gradually left Zimbadwe in order to seek a safe place to live where they could rebuild their lives from scratch. It took a few years but Zimbadwe was finally able to completely get rid of its 0.6% minority of "despicable white people."
After getting rid of the "undesirable whites," farm output significantly declined and agricultural products could no longer be exported because that food was now desperately needed to feed Zimbadwe's own people. Coffee had been a valuable export but in 2000 when the white-owned coffee farms were seized the coffee production stalled and coffee production in Zimbadwe has never recovered. Since 2000 approximately 58,000 black farmers have tried to operate the mega-farms on a smaller scale but they have had extremely limited success.
By 2005 illegal markets and slums became such a significant problem that the government initiated a major program to eliminate those markets and the slums, and the result was an escalation in their homeless population. In 2008 public health and living standards become serious problems of crisis proportions.
In 2013 the Zimbadwe government re-instituted one-party rule. Since then Zimbadwe's all black government has consistently violated the basic human rights of its citizens in the areas of food, shelter, freedom of movement (including freedom to move elsewhere), and freedom of assembly. In 2016 protests by Zimbadwe citizens about the economic collapse of their nation resulted in Zimbadwe's finance minister saying, "Right now we literally have nothing."
One of Zimbadwe's current sources of income is "travel fines" that are extracted from tourists at numerous road blocks in areas that tourists still wish to see. Today in the year 2017 most Zimbadwe citizens live in extreme poverty in unsanitary conditions and they are slowly starving to death without any hope for a better future. The "good old days of a full stomach, a roof over their heads, comfortable beds for their family to sleep in at night, and a safe job to work at during the day" are now only a vague distant memory for most Zimbadwe citizens. Zimbadwe has been a member of the United Nations since 1980.

(Note: The blacks in Zimbadwe envied the whites and the blacks believed that if they could just get total control of their government, and confiscate the businesses and the farms owned by the whites, then they could operate those businesses and run the government at least as good as the whites, or perhaps even better than the whites. The blacks believed that it would be easy to strategically manage the white farms and businesses and that those farms and businesses would continue to be productive and they would all get rich. They were wrong. The blacks believed that all they had to do was print more money on thin pieces of paper and that would make Zimbadwe a wealthier nation. They were wrong. The blacks believed that it was easy to govern a nation and that the living conditions of their citizens would gradually improve, or at least remain the same. They were wrong. Now that time has passed, perhaps some of the blacks in Zimbadwe now suspect that the 0.6% white minority that used to live in Zimbadwe actually did have a very positive impact on the wealth and prosperity of all the citizens of Zimbadwe before they were driven out of the country.)

Nations Currently Controlled by Specific Races or Ethnic Groups

Blacks are the overwhelming majority of the people in most African nations. Blacks pass the laws, they enforce the laws, they run the governments, and they consistently discriminate against whites, and they frequently execute them just because they are white or because they are Christians. (Note: If you don't believe this then talk privately with any Christian missionary who has had to leave Africa and return to the USA.) In other words, the blacks control almost everything within the nations in which they live. At the current time, almost nobody who lives outside of Africa wants to migrate to any African nation because the average living conditions are extremely low, and in many African nations the living conditions are significantly below the poverty level, and the people are starving to death, and they are dying of a variety of diseases, such as AIDS. The average life expectancy in most African nations is relatively short. In addition, there are very few African nations that have safe living conditions for their citizens because of a variety of different reasons, such as extremely high crime rates and high murder rates, which are usually blacks killing blacks. In the year 2013 Africa was listed as the world's poorest inhabited continent.

Hispanics are the overwhelming majority of the people in most Central American and South American nations. Hispanics pass the laws, they enforce the laws, and they run the governments. At the current time, almost nobody wants to migrate to a Central American or South American nation because of the extreme poverty conditions, the poor sanitary conditions (such as unsafe drinking water), the unreliable utility services (such as intermittent and unpredictable electricity), the extremely high crime and murder rates (people are murdered in the hope that there will be something of value on their dead bodies), and the constant wars among the different gangs and the government agencies. Hispanics who have migrated away from these Latin American countries have absolutely no desire to return to them. (Note: If you do not believe this then do a simple internet search on "Venezuela.")

Whites are the majority of the people in the USA. Whites have passed most of the laws, they enforce those laws, and they run the governments. However, every minority group in the USA is protected by the laws of the USA and every minority group has some of its people in government positions.
At the current time almost all of the people all across the USA flush their toilets with water that is safe enough to drink (before the water is put in the toilet). This is because there is only one incoming water pipe to the home, and that water pipe distributes the water throughout the entire home, and some of the water is delivered to the drinking water faucets in the home, and some of the water is delivered to the toilets in the home.
At the current time some of the people who visit the USA from another country, and who walk into any normal grocery store almost anywhere in the USA, and who see the abundance of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh meat, and all the other items for sale, and they carefully examine the prices of all of those things, then those foreigners sometimes begin crying uncontrollably because they know that they will eventually have to return to their own countries.
At the current time people from all nations all over the world want to migrate to the USA because they believe the average living conditions, and the health care, and the educational opportunities, and the job opportunities, and the laws in the USA are vastly superior to what exists in the nations where they currently live. This is a well established fact because people who wish to migrate into the USA are added to the end of a very, very long waiting list of people from their respective nations.
If the whites are doing such a horrible job of managing the USA then why do so many people from all over the world want to live here, and why do the people who complain about living here still want to live here instead of migrating to a different nation somewhere else in the world that they believe is a better place to live than the USA? The people on the waiting lists who desperately want to migrate here to the USA would probably be happy to pay a large sum of money to simply exchange places with the people who are currently living here in the USA but who do not appreciate the freedoms and the opportunities that they do have.

(Note: Could it be that some people in some racial groups and some people in some religious groups are not self-sustaining and the only way they can continue to survive is if they take over a self-sustaining area and then drain it dry until nothing is left, and then move on to another self-sustaining area and destroy it, and so on and so on and so on. If these people actually have the freedom to choose, then why do they continue hell-bent on a course of action that is destined to fail in the long run instead of changing their motivational dynamics and investing their time in trying to become productive self-sustaining members of the societies in which they live? Could it be that these people are so overwhelmed with hatred that clarity of thought is impossible for them? Could it be that these people derive so much pleasure from doing evil deeds that they could not survive if they were prevented from being evil?
There is a very easy simple solution to this problem that would not result in any collateral damage to innocent people of any race. That solution would be to enforce the original capital punishment death penalty law throughout the entire USA. If a person of any race murders another person of any race, and if that person is found guilty by a jury or his or her peers, then that person should be executed by the government within a few days, and that execution should not be delayed for months and months, or for years and years, or until the person dies of old age as a result of the appeal process. If a convicted murderer is executed within a few days of conviction, then the evil people would be gradually eliminated from society and they will not become a significant financial burden on society with a life prison sentence. The estimated cost of keeping one person in prison is approximately $45,000 for each year the person spends in prison. If a convicted murderer spends an average of 35 years in prison then the total cost to society to keep one convicted murderer alive is approximately $1,575,000. A life prison sentence is not a deterrent to future murderers. However, the fear of being executed by the government has proven to be a reasonable deterrent against premeditated murder for thousands of years because the punishment exactly fits the crime.)

Freedom of Choice

Most of us have the freedom to choose how we will behave and what we will do. We have the right to decide if we will do good or if we will do evil.

Each one of us has to make a personal decision if we will attempt to consistently behave in a descent manner to other people (unless our lives are threatened), or if we will behave badly to other people because it is encouraged by other members of our race, religion, or social group. One example would be "Black Lives Matter" which is typically practiced as "Only Black Lives Matter and White Lives Don't Matter" during major riots. Another example would be "suicide bombers" who kill innocent people who are not members of their religion.

Some people do not need any incentive to be cruel to other people, or to discriminate against other people, or to kill other people. Some people do not need any incentive to lie, cheat, steal, rape, and destroy the property of other people. These people are extremely easy to control because it only takes a very, very small amount of encouragement to get them to do something evil that they already want to do. This allows their "invisible puppet masters" to do any or all of the following:
  1. Blend in with the violent group of people who are creating the distraction and then the "puppet masters" can do something they wanted to do with very little fear of being caught.
  2. Accomplish a much bigger goal of alienating a different group of people so that the other group of people can be easily manipulated at a strategic time in the future.
  3. Create a problem for the local, state, and national governments in order to destabilize and weaken those governments so they will be easier to destroy in the future.
  4. Bring about the eventual demise of the original group of people because they will become obnoxious in the eyes of the rest of the nation.
  5. Gloat in their ability to control the minds and actions of a group of people whom they consider to be genetically inferior.
On the other hand, it requires a high-degree of personal self-control to avoid discriminating against anyone for any reason, regardless of what your past life experiences may have been. If you give up your freedom of choice and you decide to discriminate against anyone then you will have become a puppet for the "invisible puppet masters."

However, using common sense is not discrimination. If your home is invaded during the night, or if you are being shot at by an out-of-control lunatic, or if you are in an area that is being ravaged by an angry mob of people, or if you are in a peaceful crowd of people who are being intentionally run over by a truck, then you should protect yourself and your family and this may mean that you have to use deadly force against the person or the people who are trying to harm you. Self-preservation is not discrimination -- it is survival.

In summary, please consider the following questions:
  1. Should anyone who commits atrocities against other people be punished according to the law?
  2. Should any person, or group of people, be exempt from punishment if they steal, injure, rape, kill, or destroy the property of other people?
  3. Should the laws of a nation require that all people be subject to the same laws, regardless of gender, job, race, religion, national origin, political affiliation, or political status?
  4. Should the members of one political party have the right to call members of a different political party a variety of derogatory names, and to recommend that they all be publicly executed? Does this remind you of the behavior of a mature adult with good manners or does it remind you of a spoiled child?
  5. Should one group of people be allowed to violently object to the verdict of a court of law by rioting, stealing, burning down buildings, and killing innocent people?
  6. Should the law enforcement officers of a nation be respected or should cowardly assassins be allowed to randomly execute law enforcement officers from ambush?
  7. Should the patriotic foundations of a nation be respected by all of its citizens or should some citizens be allowed to publicly disrespect the patriotic foundations of the country in which they live?
  8. Should some laws discriminate against a person due to their financial success or their poverty?
  9. Should all people have the same basic opportunities as all other people?
  10. Should one group of people be subject to "jealousy discrimination" and should they have their jobs, their homes, and their neighborhoods taken away from them and awarded to people who are on welfare in the hope that this will somehow motivate the people who receive these "free gifts" to become productive citizens who will work for a living instead of demanding more "free gifts" and more welfare benefits?
  11. Should any person or group of people be allowed to peacefully petition the government for changes that they believe would be appropriate?
  12. Should part of the paycheck of a working person be taken away from that person and given to a person who does not work, or should charity be voluntary? If charity is voluntary then will this increase the number of people in a society who are doing some type of productive work and reduce the amount of time that those people can spend complaining about not being given enough free stuff?
  13. Should a republic or a democracy be controlled by the majority of the people or should it be controlled by a minority of people who only have their own self-interests at heart?
  14. Should a person or a group of people that are in a minority group be allowed to destroy public property, such as a public library that may contain history books, or religious books, or political books that offend them? Should a person or group of people that are in a minority group be allowed to destroy historical monuments or landmarks that they find offensive? Or should they peacefully petition the government about their grievances?
  15. Should an organization be allowed to hire qualified individuals from any minority group so that the total number of their minority employees approximately conforms to the demographics of their geographical area? In other words, should there only be two groups: (1) the majority whites, and (2) all minorities combined. If the whites constitute 75% of the people in the geographical area, and all the minorities account for the other 25% of the people in the geographical area, then the company's employees should be approximately 75% (or less) white and 25% (or more) of all minorities, but not exactly 12% Hispanic, 9% black, 3% Asian, and 1% other. This would allow for the whites to compete against other whites for some of the available jobs, and it would allow the minority groups to compete with one another for some of the available jobs. If there were not enough whites applying for the available jobs, then the organization could hire minorities instead. This means that an organization could hire those people who truly want to work and who will dedicate themselves to doing a good job. If a person did not do the work in a manner that was acceptable to the company then the company could replace that person with someone else in that same group, but not necessarily of that same race. This would help to eliminate the current problem that many companies are experiencing with having to hire a specific number of people of a specific race. At the current time there are some people who know that if they are fired then someone else of their same race will have to be hired in their place. Therefore there is no incentive for that person to do the best job they can while they are working for the company. If they get fired from one company then another company in their area will be forced to hire them (sooner or later depending on when their unemployment benefits expire), and they can continue to show up for work solely for the purpose of receiving a paycheck without any intention of actually doing what they were hired to do (except maybe when the boss is looking at them). However, if a company could hire people from any minority group then this would help companies get the unproductive slackers off their payroll and replace them with people who really, really want to do the job, and this would increase the company's productivity and profits, and this would help to make America great again.
  16. Should an organization be forced to hire a person from a specific racial group, or be forced to hire someone with the minimum job skills, instead of being allowed to hire the most qualified person for the job? If an organization is forced to hire specific people of a specific race then consider the following:
    • In an educational environment will this result in a higher level of academic performance for the students in that environment? If the average academic performance declines then how will that impact the future of that society?
    • In a manufacturing company will it increase the company's productivity, or will it increase the company's cost per unit produced, decrease the average quality of the product being made, and thereby result in the loss of some of the company's customers?
    • In a construction company will it decrease the total cost of construction and increase the quality of the finished project, or will it increase the total cost of construction and perhaps result in a finished project that just barely meets the minimum construction standards?
    • In a medical care facility will it increase the quality of the health care within that facility? If a person needs heart surgery then should that person be allowed to select the best surgeon they can afford, or should that person be forced to accept a surgeon who has the minimum required training, and the minimum required experience, and the minimum number of successful surgeries, and who has not yet exceeded the acceptable number of unsuccessful surgeries?
  17. Should a sports organization be forced to hire a specific number of players of each race so that their team demographics approximately match the race demographics of the USA? Or is it okay for a sports organization to hire players based on their skills and abilities? Is it okay for players of a specific race to destroy the reputation and the future of a specific sport by using the playing field to advance their own personal beliefs?

One Possible Future

In the year 2017 whites are the overwhelming majority group in the USA.

It may be possible that the "invisible puppet masters" are intentionally allowing blacks to publicly insult and assault whites for two reasons:
  1. To instill false confidence in the blacks so that they will believe they are invincible, and
  2. To alienate the whites to the point where they become completely fed up with being harassed by blacks.
If this is true, and if there is a future uprising or riot by blacks, then ordinary civilian whites may voluntarily engage the blacks and they may intentionally eradicate the majority of the blacks who are violently destroying property and killing innocent people.

If the blacks who are rioting had paid more attention during their history classes in school then they should know that they will be a small group of people who will be completely surrounded by a significantly larger group of people, and that larger group of people will be better equipped and better armed, and they will also be in control of a superior military position, and they will also have a dependable resupply network, and they will also have an extremely large number of backup "troops with their own weapons and ammunition" eagerly waiting to participate in the battle so that their comrades can get some undisturbed peaceful sleep. In a situation such as this the smaller group of people have almost never won the battle against the larger group of people, especially if the larger group of people is committed to winning the battle. The blacks should also realize that because of their recent violent history against the government of the USA, and against its law enforcement officers, and their public disrespect for patriotism (by some of the highest paid members of their race), and their violent killing of innocent white people (including little children), that it would be unwise for the rioting blacks to believe that the government of the USA, and the law enforcement agencies that they have publicly criticized and condemned, will come running to their rescue so that the blacks can repeat this process again and again and again in the future. The blacks should also realize that they will not be able to simply change their clothing and then blend in with the whites and casually walk to safety past the whites. The rioting blacks should also realize that they will not be able to simply say, "We give up and we surrender," and then expect to be safely escorted back to their homes where they can plan how they will extract their revenge on the whites in the future as "hit and run" assassins.

(Note: Even in the animal kingdom, a smaller animal generally has more sense than to antagonize a fully grown hungry lion.)

(Note: The above possible future could be easily avoided if the "capital punishment death penalty" became the rule of the land for convicted murderers instead of "life imprisonment" or "capture, convict, and then release on parole.")

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

It is interesting that in the year 2017 some people believe that the Civil Rights Act only applies to their race, or to the people who practice their religion. They believe that all they have to do is say "That offends me," and all other races and all other religions have to stop doing something (sometimes due to the complaint of just one person).

That is not the reason the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964. The Civil Rights Act does not guarantee that people will never be "offended" or they will never "have their feelings hurt." Every day some person may feel "offended" but that does not mean that person was "discriminated" against. For example, if a Christian wants to carry a Bible in public, then that Christian should not be prosecuted in a court of law simply for having a Bible in their possession because it "offended" someone of a different religion.

The Civil Rights Act was passed to make it illegal to discriminate against anyone based on color, race, gender, religion, or national origin.

It should be noted that the Civil Rights Act is a federal mandate and therefore it applies to every state in the USA.
The Civil Rights Act was passed in order to:
  1. Protect people of every race, including the white race.
  2. Protect people who practice every nonviolent peaceful religion, including Christians and Jews.
Anyone of any race who believes that their rights have been violated can initiate a legal action against the individual, or the organization, that is publicly discriminating against them, or that is publicly recommending that their race should be discriminated against, or that is calling people of their race derogatory names, or that is saying that people of their race don't have the same rights as other people.

Anyone of any religion can also initiate a lawsuit if they believe that their rights have been violated and that they do not have the same religious freedoms that are being granted to the people who practice some other religion.

A lawsuit of this type can be filed jointly by several people at the same time and the lawsuit should clearly name the specific person, or the specific organization, or the specific website or facebook page, that is advocating discrimination against their race, or that is forbidding them specific religious freedoms that are being granted to the people who practice other religions.

Perhaps after a few discrimination lawsuits have been filed in a court of law in the USA then the amount of "public" discrimination in the USA will return to a normal level.

Brief Summary

  1. No person had any control over who his or her parents were, or who their grandparents were, or who their other ancestors were.

  2. Nobody should be ashamed of the color of their skin, and nobody should discriminate against another person because of the color of their skin.

  3. No person should be punished for:
    • Something their child did.
    • Something their spouse did.
    • Something their parents did.
    • Something one of their ancestors did, especially if that ancestor has been dead for more that one-hundred years.

  4. Each person should be held accountable for their own actions.

  5. Asian Americans are continuing to set a high standard for personal self-control in spite of the fact that they are the most likely targets of discrimination and hate crimes in the USA.

  6. Hispanics are appreciated as being hard-working productive employees in many industries that prefer to hire Hispanics throughout the USA.

  7. No black person should blame slavery on another race for the following reasons:
    • Slavery was willingly practiced by blacks in Africa for hundreds of years before black slaves were transported to other nations.
    • Blacks were originally sold into slavery by other blacks.
    • In the 1800s and 1900s blacks strongly opposed the abolition of slavery in the nations they controlled and slavery still existed in some parts of Africa in the 2000s (black slaves owned by other blacks).

  8. No white person should feel guilty about slavery in the 1800s for the following reasons:
    • Blacks were originally sold into slavery at slave markets in Africa and those African slave markets were owned and run by blacks.
    • In the 1800s white people worldwide gradually passed laws that abolished slavery in the nations they controlled.
    • In the 1900s white people of many different nations insisted that slavery be banned in any nation that wanted to do business with them.


I encourage you to use self-control and please, please, please do not discriminate against anyone for any reason, regardless of what your past life experiences may have been. In other words, please do not allow yourself to be manipulated by the "invisible puppet masters."

However, do not sacrifice your life or the lives of your family members if you are threatened by anyone regardless of whether they are in a minority group or a majority group. In the USA you have the legal right to use deadly force if you fear that your life or the lives or your family members are in jeopardy.


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