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Water Filter Recommendation

Copyright October 11, 2012 and June 1, 2013 and August 5, 2013 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.
All Rights Reserved.

The following is my opinion about the potential advantages and shortcomings of the following three water filters.

The following three companies make and sell water filters: Berkefeld, AquaRain, and Katadyn.

  1. The Berkefeld stainless steel water containers are nice units. However, the Berkefeld water filter elements may not be as well made as they were in the past. Some customers have had problems with the filter element gradually coming slightly loose from its base and this allows untreated water to pass below the filter into the lower stainless steel water compartment that contains the drinking water. This completely defeats the purpose of the water filter because untreated water is mixing with the filtered water. If you have a Berkefeld stainless steel water container then I suggest that you consider purchasing some AquaRain replacement water filter elements for that unit when your current supply of Berkefeld water filter elements have been used up, or if you should begin having problems with your Berkefeld filter elements. (Note: In the past I have received emails from customers who were told by Berkefeld dealers that the Berkefeld filters have a six month warranty from the date of purchase and that they are not responsible for manufacturing defects after the six month period has expired. Based on this information you can decide if you wish to purchase a product with a six month warranty from the date of purchase.)

  2. The AquaRain water filter elements have a smaller pore size than the Berkefeld filter elements and this helps to prevent smaller microorganisms from passing through the filter. The AquaRain filter also has the advantage of a carbon core. The inner carbon core filter helps to improve the taste of filtered water.
    On the Amazon web site there are two negative comments about the upper rim of an AquaRain stainless steel water container developing tiny cracks with the passage of time. When AquaRain became aware of these negative Amazon comments they connected both individuals but neither individual was willing to work with AquaRain to resolve their complaints. I received an email from AquaRain that detailed their extensive efforts to satisfy these two customers but they were not successful. The email I received from AquaRain also contained the following information:
      "We have tens upon thousands of AquaRains in use throughout the world. The problem calls we receive are rare, few, and far between. We do have a warranty in place which is for one year for problems associated with the stainless steel housing. Warranty information is often MORE important to someone before they purchase and we are in the process of changing our warranty to a three year period as a demonstration of our belief in our product. (It is difficult to find warranty information on our competitor's product but we were able to 'stumble' and found it is for six months.)"
    I have always recommended the AquaRain water filter elements as being one of the best water filter elements on the market. After receiving the above email from AquaRain I once again believe that their stainless steel water containers are also high quality units and that AquaRain will honor their warranties on their stainless steel units.

  3. The Katadyn pocket water filter does not have any quality issues. It does not have a carbon core but you may add an external carbon filter to the Katadyn filter. In other words, if your water has taste problems, then after putting it through the Katadyn filter then you could pour that water through a separate carbon filter. However, the Katadyn pocket water filter requires manual pumping to process the water whereas the AquaRain filters are gravity drip filters.
There is no simple one best answer about which company makes the best water filter.

Each company that sells a water filter will tell you why their particular water filter is better than their competitors. But each company will usually only be comparing the specific features of their filter that are better while not mentioning the features where their filter is weaker.

Be Careful: If you order replacement water filter elements then make sure you will receive water filter elements actually manufactured by AquaRain or Katadyn instead of a cheap copy of those filter elements made by another company. If possible, order directly from AquaRain or from Katadyn.


During a life-threatening emergency I would first hard boil my water for one minute and then I would let it gradually cool down to room temperature. Boiling would kill the pathogens in the water. Then I would use either a Katadyn or an AquaRain water filter to further enhance the quality of the water. Then I would feel safer about drinking the water.

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