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Trade and Barter Items

Copyright December 1, 2008 and February 1, 2014 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.
All Rights Reserved.

Trade and Barter Items One of the suggestions that is frequently mentioned for long-term hard times survival is to purchase "trade or barter items" before the hard times begin. Some of the typical "trade and barter items" that are recommended are salt, first aid supplies, toilet tissue, and 22LR ammunition. The general reasoning behind this "trade and barter strategy" is as follows:
    1. At the current time these "items" are widely available and reasonably priced.
    2. During really hard times these items will become scarce or very expensive.
    3. When that happens then almost everyone will be desperate to obtain these items.
    4. You will therefore be able to trade these "items" for the things you really need.
At first glance the above logic appears to be reasonable. However, there are several flaws with the above strategy such as:
    1. The items you will eventually need during a hard times event will probably be very scarce or very expensive.
    2. You will have a very slim chance of finding someone who has what you need and who is willing to trade their stuff for the "items" you have to offer.
    3. The overwhelming vast majority of the people who desperately need your "items" will probably have nothing you really want.
    4. Once it becomes known that you have an inventory of "extra items" you will become a high-priority target for thieves and criminals.
Therefore I suggest you think very carefully about investing your money in "trade or barter items" for future trading purposes during a hard times tragedy event.

In my opinion a better strategy would be to simply invest your money in the things you know you will need. If you have all the things you will need during a hard times tragedy event then you will not be forced to leave your home and expose yourself to unnecessary risk by traveling to some remote "barter location" in the hope of being able to find someone who has what you need and who is willing to trade for what you have.

Therefore do not invest in a huge surplus inventory of items you will probably never need. Instead you should make a list of the things you don't currently have, and which could prove to be extremely useful to you during a long-term hard times event. Then gradually purchase those items whenever you have a little extra money to invest.

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