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A Few Small Items That Could Be Useful During Hard Times

Copyright December 1, 2008 and February 1, 2014 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.
All Rights Reserved.

The following items are ones that could be very useful during a long-term hard times event.

However, the following items are frequently overlooked when a family is preparing a list of the things they may need for a future hard times event.

Your family may not need all the following items but you should carefully consider each of the following items before you make a decision to not purchase it.

Clothesline, Bag, Pins Pacifiers, Diaper Pins Toilet Lid
Clothesline, Bag, Clothes PinsBaby Pacifiers and Diaper PinsBucket Toilet Lid

  1. 50-Feet Vinyl Coated Wire Clothesline and 2 Hook Screws or Eye Screws - Attach to any two stationary objects such as two buildings or two trees or two wall studs inside a room in front of a south facing window.
  2. 100 Clothes Pins and a Clothes Pin Bag - Hang your clean washed clothes on a clothesline to dry in the sun.
  3. Several Baby Pacifiers (new not used) - To keep a future baby or grandbaby quiet so you can get some rest.
  4. Cloth Baby Diapers, Big Diaper Pins, and Plastic Pants - To keep a future baby or grandbaby dry and clean, and to keep the baby's sheets dry and clean.
  5. Bucket Toilet Seat and Lid - To put on a 5 gallon bucket to make a cheap practical indoor toilet. The bucket can be easily transported to a suitable outdoor location where you can bury the human waste. Every family should have at least two of these emergency toilet buckets because it is not unusual for two people to desperately need to relieve themselves at exactly the same time.

    Five Thermometers Mouse Trap
    Thermometer AssortmentMouse Trap

  6. Traditional Mercury-Filled Outdoor Thermometer (-60F to +120F or -50C to +50C) - Not battery-operated so you can always determine the true outside weather temperature.
  7. Traditional Mercury-Filled Indoor Thermometer (-20F to +120F or -30C to +50C) - Not battery-operated so you can always determine the true indoor temperature.
  8. Traditional Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer (-40F to +80F or -40C to +25C) - To determine the temperature inside a "future root cellar" that you construct.
  9. Traditional Oven Thermometer (+50F to +450F or +10C to +230C) or an Instant Read Meat Thermometer - To determine the temperature inside a "future smokehouse" that you construct.

  10. Mouse Traps and Rat Traps - To keep rodents under control (rodents multiply during hard times).
  11. Fly Swatters - To keep flying pests under control (flying pests multiply during hard times).
  12. Professional Strength Bug Poison Powder or Concentrated Liquid (available at some Hardware Stores and most Pest Control Stores) - Follow the label directions and precautions and mix it yourself with some water and then apply it using a clean empty spray bottle, such as a window cleaner plastic spray bottle with a nozzle.

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