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The Best Way to Peel a Banana

Copyright November 7, 2015 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. and Renee Atkins
All Rights Reserved.

In the United States of America most people peel a banana by grasping the top stem of the banana where it was attached to the bunch of bananas, and then peeling down from the top stem to the bottom of the banana.

Peeled Bananas In South America they eat a lot more bananas than the people in the United States.
Therefore South Americans peel a banana in the most efficient manner possible by doing it in the following way:

1. Grasp the banana so the bottom rounded part of the banana is pointing upwards.

2. Pinch the small center bottom part of the banana and pull a small piece of it away from the banana.

3. One strip of the banana will quickly and easily separate from the outside of the banana.

4. Pull the strip down about half-way if you wish to hold the banana while you eat it. However, if you are using the banana in a recipe then pull the entire strip off the banana.

5. Continue to remove the other strips from the banana in the same way.

6. Pinch off the tiny black tip on the exposed end of the fresh banana and discard it. Then eat the banana.

Until you actually try it you may not believe how easy it is to peel a banana from the bottom to the top of the banana.
If you wish to eat the banana immediately then the long stem on the banana can be used to help hold the banana in your hand while you eat it.

(Note: My daughter Renee explained the above procedure to me and I decided that it was the type of practical information that should be shared on my website.)

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