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Holster Recommendation for a Semi-Automatic Pistol

Copyright June 1, 2016 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.
All Rights Reserved.

Glock 40 Caliber This article will not discuss holsters for a revolver, or for a concealed carry firearm, or for a shoulder holster.

In the past I have made specific recommendations about a holster for a semi-automatic pistol in three different articles on my website.

I have consistently recommended that a semi-automatic pistol holster should have a second magazine compartment permanently attached to the holster.

The reasons for this recommendation are as follows:
  1. After you have fired all the ammunition in the first magazine inside the pistol, then a semi-automatic pistol can be quickly reloaded if you have a second loaded magazine readily available.
  2. A second loaded magazine effectively doubles the capacity of the pistol because it only takes a few seconds to swap magazines.
  3. If the holster has a permanently attached second magazine compartment then whenever you take your pistol and holster with you then you are automatically taking extra ammunition for your pistol.
  4. If you should be forced into a situation where you have to use your pistol to defend your life, or the life of another innocent person, then you would probably have enough ammunition with you to help you achieve your goal. But if you didn't have a second loaded magazine immediately available then you would be decreasing the chances that you will survive by one-half.
Glock in Holster The above comments are true regardless of the caliber of your pistol or the capacity of the magazines in your pistol.

In addition to the above, a pistol holster should also meet the following design specifications:
  1. The holster should be the correct size and shape for the pistol and not too big or too small. In other words, it should be specifically designed for your pistol.
  2. The holster should have a strap that holds the pistol in the holster and that strap should have a thumb release that would allow you to quickly disengage the strap so you can easily and quickly remove the pistol from the holster in an emergency situation.
  3. The interior of the holster should be specifically designed to be compatible with the pistol. In other words, the interior should allow the pistol to be inserted and withdrawn from the holster smoothly and without scratching the pistol.
  4. The interior of the holster should not attract humidity or moisture from the air that could gradually cause rust damage to the pistol.
  5. The exterior of the holster should have a metal clip in the center of the holster that could be used to easily attach the holster to your belt by sliding the clip around the inside edge of your belt.
  6. The exterior of the holster should also have a strap behind the metal clip that would allow you to thread your belt through the strap if you preferred a more secure method of attaching your pistol holster to your belt. Another person could not knock your holster off your belt if you have the holster threaded onto your belt.
Some individuals will try to convince you that you don't need a second magazine compartment attached to your pistol holster. Instead they will usually recommend that you carry spare magazines in special magazine pouches similar to the ones used by law enforcement officers. This is fine for an officer because the officer almost always takes the same equipment with him or her each time he or she goes on duty.

You are probably not a police officer and you probably don't wear the same basic items each day. However, if your second magazine is in a compartment that is permanently attached to your pistol holster then you will automatically have it with you when you take your holster with you. On the other hand, if you keep your spare magazines in a separate magazine pouch then you may not always take them with you.

You are an adult and you may follow any advice you prefer. My advice is that your pistol holster should have a second magazine compartment permanently attached to the holster and that you should always keep a loaded magazine in that compartment. If you believe you need additional loaded magazines then you can always carry them in separate magazine pouches.

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