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How to Wipe When There is No Toilet Tissue

Copyright February 14, 2009 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.
All Rights Reserved.

The following information about an alternative
to toilet tissue is being presented for educational purposes only.

During a long-term hard times event, what will you do if you completely run out of toilet tissue?

If your family should find yourself in this situation then the following information may be of use to you.

Prior to a hard times event it would be advisable for a family to invest in the following items in addition to toilet tissue:
Sponges and Latex Gloves
  1. Latex gloves one size larger than each member of you family would normally wear. Write each family member's name (or initial) on his or her own set of special latex gloves at the wrist area using a black permanent marking pen. Or each family member could have his or her own unique color of latex gloves.
  2. At least four soft sponges for each member of your family. Each family member should have his or her own special color sponges.
  3. A plastic spray bottle, such as an empty window cleaner spray bottle that has been thoroughly washed and cleaned. Fill the spray bottle with clean water.
  4. One small plastic tote container or bucket that is at least 6-inches wide and at least 3-inches deep. Put several ounces of soapy water in this container.
When your toilet tissue is all gone and no more tissue is available:
  1. Put on your color of latex gloves or the gloves that have your name (or initial) written on the wrist area.
  2. Spray some clean water from the plastic spray bottle onto one of your special sponges and use the slightly damp sponge to clean your rear end. If necessary, moisten another one of your special sponges and use it to finish cleaning your rear end.
  3. Immediately dip your dirty sponges into the special bucket that contains a few ounces of soapy water. Clean the sponges while you are still wearing your latex gloves. When your sponges are clean, rinse the soapy water out of your sponges with some clean water, squeeze the clean water out of the sponges, and then put your sponges on the special sponge drying tray that sits on top of the rear tank of the toilet stool. Pour the dirty soapy water from the sponge cleaning bucket into the toilet stool. Rinse out the sponge cleaning bucket with a little clean water and pour that water into the toilet stool. Then flush the toilet stool. Be considerate. Put some clean soapy water into the sponge cleaning bucket for the next person.
  4. Wash your gloves while you are still wearing them the same way you would normally wash your hands with soap and water. You should have one bar of soap that is only used for this one purpose and that bar of soap should always be returned to its own special soap dish.
  5. Remove your gloves and hang them on the glove drying rack beside the toilet stool. The glove drying rack could be an 18-inch long plastic towel bar that you install on the wall beside your toilet stool. (Do not use a wood towel bar because wood will absorb stuff that plastic will not absorb. Do not use a metal towel bar because the metal will rust.)
At least once per week boil the sponges for a few seconds in clean water to kill bacteria.

If you don't have any sponges then you could use old scraps of cloth instead. Just wash the cloths between uses the same way you would wash a dirty cloth baby diaper.

If you don't have sponges or cloth then you could simply use lots and lots of water and your latex gloves. Wash your latex gloves carefully after each use.

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